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23 January 2011 @ 09:22 pm
A Promise  
So I went through every single review of A Twisted Kind of Honour and Scars of Friendship tonight. I read every last one. I forgot how much I loved you guys. With work, stress, cosplay and having a life outside the internet, I forgot that at heart, I'm a computer games geek and always will be.

This is my promise to all of you: Scars of Friendship WILL be updated. Maybe sporadically. Maybe slowly. But it will be updated. It will be completed. It will stand as a testament to my love of this fandom and the people in it.

I hope you've all had a good few months. Feel free to fill me in on the gossip I've missed.
kel_fishkel_fish on January 24th, 2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
I have yet to romance Zev as a male, as I've only done it with Morrigan (I'm a bit annoyed that sex is a trophy because the moment you get the achievement, there's not much new development in your relationships... unless there's some major plot involved).

Some of my favorite Zevran quotes: "'Death happens,' as we like to say. 'And when I get paid for it, death happens more often.'"

"You tend to get up to interesting things. You meet interesting people and then you kill them. I'm game to tag along, if you are."

(Upon interrupting father Eirik's sermon in Haven) "Just once I'd like to walk into one of these places and discover a lively dance, or a drinking festival. Or an orgy. But alas, no."

(When searching the tree stump of the mad hermit) "Ha! Let's see... When was the last time I slipped my hand into some dark hole? Hmmm... Long story, that."

Shale: "So you see me winning the affection of another golem, do you? Most golems are slaves to whomever holds their control rod."
Zevran: "Funny, it works exactly the same way for us as well."

Oh, and one of my favorite battle cries for him is, "Grey Warden, Darkspawn. Darkspawn, Grey Warden."

He also sends you a letter at the beginning of Awakening because, sadly, he can't be there with you right away. Leliana's letter is cute too: "Save some darkspawn for me? Well, no, don't, they're vile creatures..." lol

I'm really hoping they'll maintain these standards in DA II. They fail about toward the end of Origins, as you'll see eventually, because they set it up like they expected you to only play as a human noble, and if you choose not to make something happen, the game still progresses as if you did make it happen. Murr.

But! I have faith in DA II, and it turns out David Gaider wrote for the character of Fenris (Gaider also wrote Zevran). You can only play as the human Hawke (male or female), so there will be more options and opportunities for people to actually say your name. You also have twin sibs, an elf from the Dalish origin (Merrill), Isabela (she's from Origins as well, and a former companion of Zevran's), a sarcastic dwarf, a formerly enslaved elf, a married woman warrior, and an exiled nobleman. And there's supposed to be at least one more companion but they haven't announced him/her yet.